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Mission and Goals

The L.A.con IV Web Site's mission is to inform the members of the convention and publicize the convention to the public. The web site will have the most current information available, including everything that the convention chooses to announce. The site will be accessible to all, with an easy-to-use design.

How to Use the Site

Home Clicking on our L.A.con IV Home Page icon will bring you back to our home page. There's a navigation box on the left side; every page on the website is either listed there, or can be reached from one of those pages. Every page on the website is either one or two clicks away from any other page.

The "Site Map" lists every page on the site. We try to make sure everything's in a logical order, but if you find something's out of place please let us know. (For the most part, categories are arranged alphabetically.) Every page on the website is one click away from the Site Map.

Links to pages you've been to fairly recently should show up in a different color, generally purple instead of blue.

Your "Back" button works, because this website is all straight-up static HTML pages, we're not serving up database-driven cookie-determined PHP or ASP pages here.

You can also navigate from one page to the next by using the "Next" or "Previous" selections. If you run into trouble, try "Help." If "Help" doesn't help you figure out what to do next, and you're sure your question is web page related, contact us.

You may wish to start with "Basic Information" or "Frequently Asked Questions".

If you know what you're looking for, and are already familiar with L.A.con IV or Worldcons in general, try using our Search feature.

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[New this week] [New last week] [New two weeks ago] [Updated this week] [Updated last week] [Updated two weeks ago] These "new" and "updated" tags indicate where new content has been added to the website. As they get older, they shrink and fade away and eventually disappear automatically. The revision date ("Rev. xxxxxx") at the top of each page indicates when the content of the page has been revised. Formatting changes and minor typos (defined as ones that nobody noticed) usually don't get a new revision date. Links to newly-added pages on the website might technically be considered a revision, but consistency is not guaranteed. (In other words, some of this stuff happens automatically, and other changes are handled by the webmasters.)

Reaching us by e-mail

If you want to reach a particular person, or a particular department, see our E-mail Directory. If you're not sure who to write to, our contact us link page should help get your inquiry to the right place.

Contact addresses listed on each page are shown like this: webmaster(send e-mail). Selecting such a link will bring up a fill-in form that you can use to send us e-mail. Be sure to include your own e-mail address. You will receive a copy of your message in your own mailbox. ~~

The "Help Desk" may be reached at help(send e-mail). Use this e-mail address if you've given up on our other contact channels.(See also the "Help" page for various ways to get assistance.)

Finally, if you have a suggestion for the web page itself (as opposed to something having to do with a particular department, or the status of your membership, or anything like that), write to webmaster(send e-mail). E-mail sent to that address will go to everyone on the webmastering team.

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