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The American passenger railroad, Amtrak [offsite link] (no 'c' in Amtrak) offers short and long-distance service. It is important to note that taking the train will not necessarily be cheaper than flying or faster than driving/taking the bus, but it may be less stressful, and probably more scenic. You will need to educate yourself on how Amtrak works, and/or get yourself a travel agent that is experienced in booking train tickets.

Anaheim-area Train Stations

If you call Amtrak, (800-USA-RAIL, or 800-762-7245) and ask how to get to Disneyland, they will tell you to take the train to Fullerton. The Anaheim Stadium (Edison Field) station is actually closer to Disneyland, but getting off at Fullerton may save you a dollar on the railfare. Both stations are served by Amtrak (also known as the National Rail Passenger Corporation) and Metrolink [offsite link] (aka the Southern California Regional Rail Authority).

[Anaheim Amtrak/Metrolink Depot] The Amtrak and Metrolink [offsite link] Anaheim Stadium (Edison Field) Station [offsite link] is at 2150 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim CA, at St. College, 714-385-1448. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) bus route 50 runs down Katella Avenue outside the stadium parking lot, and will take you straight to the hotel for $1. MapQuest says it's 2.1 miles from the Anaheim station to the Hilton.

[Amtrak/Metrolink Fullerton Station] The Amtrak/Metrolink Fullerton Station [offsite link] is at 120 E. Santa Fe Ave., Fullerton CA, one block south of Harbor & Commonwealth. Again, one $1 OCTA bus (Route 43) will take you down Harbor Blvd. to the hotel (but it will be a longer bus ride). MapQuest says it's about 5.1 miles from the Fullerton station to the Hilton.

Shuttle Service to Anaheim Hilton/Disneyland area is available from either train station, but it's not a regular run. See our Shuttles page for shuttle service phone numbers.

A taxi ride from the Anaheim Stadium (Edison Field) Station would be a short one, so that's an option to consider. Or if you're renting a car in Anaheim, ask the agency if they'll pick you up at Amtrak. (The hotel won't - it's too far out.) Also the OCTA bus routes - route 43 (Harbor Blvd., for Fullerton) and route 50 (Katella Ave., for Anaheim) might be the way to go, if you don't have too much luggage. Their phone number is 714-636-7433 (RIDE), or see the OCTA web page [offsite link].

Long Distance Rail Travel

Long-Distance rail fare note: Amtrak often runs "All-Aboard America" fares that get you round-trip coach service with up to three stopovers (think of it as a layover in each direction) for a reasonable price. The catch is that you're traveling coach, and that a bunk (roomettes, etc.) cost extra. If you can handle sleeping in a seat, it's more comfortable than air travel by a long shot.

The "Coast Starlight" is the very popular coastal train that runs from Seattle down to Los Angeles, where you would transfer to another train to get to Anaheim. Please be aware that the Coast Starlight sells out early. You'll want to make your reservations as early as you possibly can.

Rail Pass

Amtrak and Rail Canada offers a combined "North America Rail Pass" for a flat rate, with unlimited coach travel and unlimited stopovers over a 30-day period, all over the USA and Canada. See their web sites for more details.

Amtrak also offers a "USA Rail Pass" to foreigners visiting the USA, much the same way an American tourist may buy a Eurailpass when visiting Europe. You have to buy it before you leave home; they're not for sale in America. Check at your local American Consulate, or go to the web site and ask them to send you the USA Rail Pass order form.

Combining Trains and Planes

If you have an urge to fly into California and take a train from the airport to Anaheim, you need to fly into Burbank. Burbank is the only Southern California airport with an active Amtrak station [offsite link], next to it.

Other Rail Services in Southern California

In addition to Amtrak, Metrolink [offsite link] serves Orange County. Metro Rail [offsite link] only operates in Los Angeles County, and the Coaster [offsite link] runs in San Diego County.

This list and photos are provided for your information. L.A.con IV does not endorse or recommend any particular railroad.

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