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Anaheim is not well-served by steamship, in part because of the demise of regularly scheduled passenger steamship service, and in part because this landlocked city is 15 miles from the sea. That being the case, if you decide to come to California by ship, you may need a little assistance in getting to the convention. There are a handful of ports you're likely to dock at.

Long Beach and San Pedro (Port of Los Angeles)

The big cruise ships dock at these two ports. (In fact, the Queen Mary is permanently moored here.) There are regularly operating shuttle services to get you from Long Beach or San Pedro up to Anaheim, call the shuttle companies for more information. (We know that Xpress Shuttle serves the San Pedro Cruise Terminal.) And Amtrak even operates a bus - you could buy a train ticket which would put you on the Amtrak Thruway bus from the port to L.A. Union Station, then on a regular train down to Anaheim. Or just whistle up a taxi.

Marina Del Rey

If you come into Marina Del Rey, or any of the beaches on the west side of Los Angeles (from Malibu on down to Redondo Beach), see if you can get a lift over to LAX. The usual shuttle companies can get you to Anaheim for a reasonable price.

Newport Harbor and Huntington Harbor

Many of the privately-owned yachts of Orange County tie up at Newport Harbor or Huntington Harbor. If you're offered the choice, and you're on your own for the rest of the journey, ask for Newport Harbor, because Newport Beach is almost immediately directly due south of the convention site. OCTA Bus Route 43 goes down to Newport Beach; if you can connect to that, you've got an easy bus ride up into Anaheim. On the other hand, if you've got someone local waiting to drive you, then it hardly matters if you land in Huntington Beach or Newport Beach. Or you might want to call one of the shuttle (shared-ride van) companies or a taxi. And if you've brought your bicycle along, then Huntington is slightly better, because there's a paved bike trail available.

Dana Point

If you bring your private yacht into Dana Point, you've been seriously misdirected. Dana Point is almost at the very southernmost end of Orange County, while Anaheim is in the northern end of the county. You have a very expensive taxi ride to look forward to. If it's not too late, you might want to consider steering your craft to Newport or Long Beach.

San Diego - U.S. Navy

If you're with the Navy or the Marines, you might find yourself at the port of San Diego with a week's leave at the right time. (Hey, it could happen.) In which case, get over to the Santa Fe Depot Amtrak Station, and take the train to Anaheim. See our travelling by train page for more information on this route.

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