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Rev. 05-Sep-2006

This is the L.A.con IV schedule, updated as of this date. We will try to keep this as up to date as possible. Be sure, at the convention, to check out the daily newsletter for the latest updates.

wed 13:00ACC 204-ABC3 OPENING CEREMONIESChristian B. McGuire, Vince Docherty, Craig Millerevents rev. Sat Aug 12 11:11:00 2006
The official kick-off to the 64th World Science Fiction Convention.
wed 14:00HILTON SNSM4 FILM PROGRAM: NEW VOYAGES nocat rev. Sun Aug 13 08:33:01 2006
wed 14:30ACC 201-C5 WHY DO SF FANS LOVE THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES?Paul Cornell, Joe Bergeron, Priscilla Olson, Tom Galloway(M), Chris Webercomics rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Even fans who read few or no other comics seem to find something in the Legion of Super Heroes to keep them buying and reading the comic, some of them for decades. Just what is there about the Legion?
wed 14:30ACC 201-D6 GREAT FIRST LINESVanessa Van Wagner, Mike Resnick(M), Hilari Bell, Valerie Estelle Frankel, Michael F. Flynnlit rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
There's nothing like them for hooking a reader. "Call me Ishmael." "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." "Lessa woke, cold." "His followers called him Mahasamatman and said he was a god." "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." "Once upon a time there was a Martian named Valentine Michael Smith." What are some of your favorites? And can you do anything special to force a great first line or do they just happen?
wed 14:30ACC 202-AB7 WHAT I DO WHEN I SHOULD BE WRITINGSarah Monette, Fiona Avery(M), David D. Levine, Phyllis Eisensteinwritpub rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Me, I read e-mail. What do you do? How do you get yourself back to writing?
wed 14:30ACC 205-A8 NEW MAPS OF HEAVENEllen Kushner, Robin Wayne Bailey, Fiona Patton, Vera Nazarian(M)lit rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Recent times have seen an explosion of science fiction and fantasy tales centered in cosmologies and mythologies outside of the North American mainstream. Writers discuss what draws them to these other mythos and what lessons they offer.
wed 14:30ACC 205-B9 SCIENCE FICTION & THE FERRIS WHEELTheresa Mather, Barry Shortoneman rev. Tue Aug 8 08:18:41 2006
A slide show of fantasy and science fiction influences in historic fairground and amusement park attractions.
wed 14:30ACC 206-A10 THE WORST FUTURE YOU CAN IMAGINETad Daley(M), John Barnes, Kurt Miller, Scott Essman, David F. McMahon, MDgeneral rev. Wed Aug 9 08:37:42 2006
We hope for the best. We work for it. But what if things don't work out right? What can go wrong? What will that future be like?
wed 14:30ACC 207-A11 BUFFY THE MASTERS THESISNancy Holder(M), Jacqueline Lichtenberg, James P. Hogan, Lorien Graygeneral rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Lately colleges and other academic venues have been seeing a proliferation of theses and monographs that examine popular TV shows and discuss how they fit in with certain philosophies. There are several courses which use popular entertainment as examples in philosophy class, political science class, sociology class, etc. Why has television suddenly become acceptable to the academic crowd? And is this a good thing? What sorts of findings are they having?
wed 14:30ACC 207-B12 STAR TREK: YEAR 41 & COUNTINGPaula Block, Paula Blockmedia rev. Tue Aug 15 06:35:24 2006
Come hear about all the new Star Trek projects, from video games to traveling exhibits to the first ever Star Trek "manga" from the people involved with making them happen, Paula Block, John Van Citters, Terry Erdmann, and others. All questions welcome.
wed 14:30ACC 207-C13 BLOGS & E-FANZINESLisa Deutsch Harrigan, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Christopher J. Garcia, Andrew T Trembley(M), James Baconfandom rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Fandom has had paper fanzines from the beginning. At one point, it seemed like almost every fan at least read these paper fanzines or wrote for them or published one (if only for APAs). But their prominence has been on the wane for many years. Now, blogs are exploding. And fanzines published on the web seem to be increasing. Are these fanzines different or just a different form? What effect will they have on Fandom as a whole?
wed 14:30ACC 208-AB14 MARS ON EARTH -- ADVENTURES OF SPACE PIONEERS IN THE UTAH DESERTGerry Williamsscitech rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
What do we do when we get to Mars? What will we eat? What will we do? How will we live? For five years now The Mars Society has been answering these questions with the Mars Analog Research Station projects in the Canadian Arctic, the Utah deserts, the Australian outback, and the geothermal fields of Iceland. Mars Society members give an in-depth look at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah, the most advanced simulation study of how we plan to tackle the human exploration of the Red Planet.
wed 14:30ACC 209-A15 RICK STERNBACH SLIDE SHOWRick Sternbachart rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
A slide presentation on the science fictional art of cover artist & production illustrator Rick Sternbach.
wed 14:30ACC 210-B16 CREATIVE INSULTSJohn G. Hemrywritpub rev. Sat Aug 12 11:08:48 2006
SF and fantasy often uses insults from present culture instead of dreaming up new and inventive ways to cast scorn upon others. Our panel will discuss a variety of new insults for general use in space-faring societies and fantasy environments. Audience participation invited. Anyone who doesn't show up is a ground pounder full of space gas!
wed 14:30ACC 210-C17 REVIEWING SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY LITERATUREGary K. Wolfe, Peter J. Heck, David Hartwell, Charles N. Brown(M), Lawrence Personlit rev. Wed Aug 23 15:38:20 2006
Some of science fiction's top critics talk about what it's like to be a science fiction critic. What skills does it take? Is it different from reviewing other types of fiction?
wed 14:30ACC 210-D18 OKAY, YOU'VE GOT THE MOON. WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO WITH IT?Edwin L. Strickland III, Paul A. Abell, Ctein(M), G. David Nordleyscitech rev. Wed Aug 9 08:40:23 2006
How do we make a lunar colony pay in the same way colonies on Earth traditionally paid for their creators? Is pure science the way to go? A launching pad for reaching the rest of the solar system? Industrial applications? A mix? If we can't make a permanent human presence on the Moon pay, will it ever be viable in the long-term?
wed 14:30HILTON LAJO19 SCIENCE FICTION POETRY ASSOC. GATHERING misc/sigs rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 14:30HILTON PLVD20 MYTHS OF FANDOMMoshe Feder, Milton F. Stevens, John-Henri Holmberg, Mary Kay Kare(M)fandom rev. Wed Aug 9 08:40:23 2006
What are the common truisms in fandom? Aren't they all really myths? Let's list 'em and take a good hard look.
wed 14:30HILTON SNSM21 A LOOK AT ED WOOD media rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Brett R. Thompson, the writer and director of The Haunted World Of Edward D. Wood, Jr. shows us his award-winning documentary and tells us even more about the mad "genius" of Plan 9 From Outer Space and other classics.
wed 15:00ACC ATGR122 AUTOGRAPHING: D.C. FONTANAD.C. Fontanaautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC ATGR223 AUTOGRAPHING: STEVEN BARNESSteven Barnesautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC ATGR324 AUTOGRAPHING: JOHN MADDOX ROBERTSJohn Maddox Robertsautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC ATGR425 AUTOGRAPHING: KEVIN ANDREW MURPHYKevin Andrew Murphyautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC ATGR526 AUTOGRAPHING: LARRY NIVENLarry Nivenautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC ATGR627 AUTOGRAPHING: MICHAEL REAVESMichael Reavesautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00HILTON CR930 READING: MAYA KAATHRYN BOHNHOFFMaya Kaathryn Bohnhoffreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC KAFF127 KAFFEKLATSCH: SEAN WILLIAMSSean Williamskaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00ACC KAFF328 KAFFEKLATSCH: KAREN ANDERSONKaren Andersonkaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00HILTON LIDB31 READING: SEAN MCMULLENSean McMullenreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00HILTON LIDC32 READING: LEE MARTINDALELee Martindalereadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 15:00HILTON SMCA33 READING: HARRY TURTLEDOVEHarry Turtledovereadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC 201-B34 ALTERNATE SCIENCE FICTIONBradford Lyau(M), Anthony R. Lewis, James Frenkel, Harry Turtledove, John DeChanciegeneral rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
We're all familiar with alternate histories. How about science fiction alternate histories? How might the field have been different if Stanley Weinbaum had lived, or if John Campbell had decided he'd rather write than edit, or if Robert E. Howard hadn't committed suicide? What if Harry Turtledove never wrote an alternate history?
wed 16:00ACC 201-C35 THE FUTURE OF JOURNALISMWilliam Shunn(M), M. Christine Valada, Esq., Tom Galloway, Paul Fischerscitech rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
How we get the news is changing before our eyes. Newspaper circulation is down dramatically. Online blogs and podcasts have put reportage in the hands of average citizens -- for both good and ill. Advances in camera and satellite technology make it simple for reporters to bring the public stories from the most far-flung parts of the planet. What will the future bring? And how will we know what to believe?
wed 16:00ACC 201-D36 STAR TREK FANDOM TODAYMarah Searle-Kovacevic(M), Lee Whiteside, Jacqueline Lichtenbergfandom rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
The world of Star Trek Fandom is different today than it was in the '60s and '70s. What's out there? What don't I know about? How can I get more involved?
wed 16:00ACC 202-AB37 IF ONLY IT WERE REAL...Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Fiona Patton, Bridget Landry(M), Mike Willmoth, Steven Lopatageneral rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
What science fiction concept, other than space travel, would you most like to see realized? Flying cars? Matter replicators? Time travel? Why?
wed 16:00ACC 203-AB38 MARS EXPLORATION ROVERS -- YEAR 2Gerry Williamsscitech rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
NASA's two Mars Exploration Rovers have been traveling the red planet for over two years now. Each Rover has inspected over four miles of red sand and rock, craters and dunes, looking for evidence of water. Mars Society members will give you a tour of Mars by way of the twin Rovers' points-of-view.
wed 16:00ACC 205-A39 SPACE PATROL, GERMAN STYLERobert Vogelmedia rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Robert Vogel gives a presentation on Raumpatrouille Orion, a cult-favorite German science fiction show of the 1960s. Despite being only seven episodes, it holds the same cult status in Germany as Dr. Who and Star Trek do here. Come see what all the shouting's about.
wed 16:00ACC 206-A40 FANTASY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ABOUT KINGS AND WIZARDSSean Williams, Mary Kay Kare, Alma Alexanderlit rev. Sat Aug 12 11:01:53 2006
Well, does it? It seems like 100% of fantasy is set in medieval worlds with wizards and dragons and witches and elves and things. What other kinds of fantasy is there?
wed 16:00ACC 207-A41 NUCLEAR WEAPON STRATEGIESMike Shepherd Moscoe, Richard Foss(M), David F. McMahon, MDscitech rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
. Historical elements, Mutual Assured Destruction, strategic counterforce, and "bunker busters." What are the near-future scenarios for the next 5, 25, and 100 years? What are their probabilities? And what's the role of SF literature and cinema in steering popular culture toward and away from nuclear scenarios will be studied.
wed 16:00ACC 207-C42 LITERACY & SCIENCE FICTIONLouise Marley, Laura Frankos(M), Bjo Trimble, Larry Niven, Catherine S. McMullengeneral rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
There was a lot of fuss made about the sales of the Harry Potter books and what it said for children's literacy and reading. Did it encourage kids to read? Will it have any long term positive effects? What can we do to encourage reading?
wed 16:00ACC 207-D43 MIX & MATCH WRITING CHALLENGEPeter S. Beagle, David D. Levine(M), John Barnes, Craig Miller, Valerie Estelle Frankel, K. A. Bedfordwritpub rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Authors are presented with a character description for a well-known character, the setting of a (different) famous work, and a brief plot description of still another work. Without knowing their sources, they create and tell a story on the fly. After the sources are revealed, the audience votes on who did best. (Think Frodo in a tale set in 1920s New York about a young wizard-in-training who must compete in a great competition of wizards, only to be captured by his arch-nemesis... )
wed 16:00ACC 208-AB44 FUTURE TRENDS IN SCIENCE FICTIONJames Patrick Kelly(M), John-Henri Holmberg, Mark von Schlegell, Gary K. Wolfe, Lou Anderslit rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Not long ago, we were awash in Splatterpunks, Cyberpunks, and even Steampunks. What happened to those SF literary movements? What's the next trend?
wed 16:00ACC 209-A45 WHY DOESN'T SF SEEM TO LAST ON TV?Bill Warren, Tim Minear, Nicki Lynch(M), Kevin Andrew Murphy, Len Weinmedia rev. Mon Aug 14 11:49:06 2006
Fantasy shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer are big hits. Why didn't Surface, Threshold, or Invasion do as well? Is there a mainstream audience for television science fiction?
wed 16:00ACC 209-B46 MY LIFE IN A TIME MACHINEForrest J Ackermanoneman rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Forrest J Ackerman talks about his participation in the early history of science fiction Fandom, literature, and films.
wed 16:00ACC 210-A47 YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN CAREERRobert J. Sawyer(M), Nancy Holder, John Scalzi, Robin Wayne Bailey, Buzz Dixonwritpub rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
How to manage your life as a writer.
wed 16:00ACC 211-A48 PRESERVING YOUR COLLECTIONRobert B Hole, Jr.(M), Sheryl Jean Davis, Fred Lerner, Joe Siclari, Christopher J. Garciafandom rev. Wed Aug 9 15:46:26 2006
How to preserve and conserve your books, magazines, fanzines, comics, posters, artwork, etc.
wed 16:00ACC ATGR154 AUTOGRAPHING: HARRY HARRISONHarry Harrisonautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC ATGR255 AUTOGRAPHING: THERESA MATHERTheresa Matherautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC ATGR356 AUTOGRAPHING: MARGARET WANDER BONANNOMargaret Wander Bonannoautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC ATGR457 AUTOGRAPHING: ROBERT SILVERBERGRobert Silverbergautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC ATGR558 AUTOGRAPHING: JOHN PICACIOJohn Picacioautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00HILTON CR962 READING: SIMON R GREENSimon R Greenreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC KAFF159 KAFFEKLATSCH: LEE MARTINDALELee Martindalekaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC KAFF260 KAFFEKLATSCH: STEPHEN ELEYStephen Eleykaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00ACC KAFF361 KAFFEKLATSCH: JONATHAN F KOTASJonathan F Kotaskaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00HILTON LAGB49 101 ESSENTIAL FILK SONGSErwin S. Filthy Pierre Straussfilking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
What filksongs should every filker know? Learn the history and tradition behind the “classics”.
wed 16:00HILTON LIDA50 SHOTOKAN KARATE WORKSHOPKeith G. Kato, Kenn S. Batesmisc/sigs rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Fans interested in the traditional martial art of Shotokan Karate are invited to come participate in this workshop that teaches the articulation of motion and physical principles behind simple blocks, punches, and kicks. The physical demands are very low, at the level of low-impact aerobics, and the safety of the participants will be ensured by no sparring or physical contact. Participants are asked to come in loose-fitting clothes.
wed 16:00HILTON LIDB63 READING: WIL MCCARTHYWil McCarthyreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00HILTON LIDC64 READING: PAUL CORNELLPaul Cornellreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00HILTON OCNSD- CASTING CALL: HMS TREK-A-STAR filking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00HILTON PLVD51 HEALTH AND TODAY'S FANDOMVanessa Van Wagner, Chris Weber, Andrew I. Porter(M), Vince Docherty, Perrianne Lurie, Grant Krugerfandom rev. Sat Aug 12 13:10:59 2006
Because fans have such active inner, mental lives we sometimes neglect the physical bodies which encapsulate them. There's a joke where someone sees a group of fans in a hotel and asks if it's a convention for fat people. That's not so funny but why are fans so out of shape? What are the psychological issues and how can we talk about things like the future or immortality, if we might not even make it to our next birthday? What can we do to take control over our health issues?
wed 16:00HILTON SMCA65 READING: JOE W. HALDEMANJoe W. Haldemanreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 16:00HILTON SNSM52 TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET nocat rev. Sat Aug 12 23:49:35 2006
wed 16:00ACC SPL53 SF SPELLING BEEChris M. Barkleyperformances rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Sure, spelling antidisestablishmentarianism is easy. And those incredibly long latin agglutinative scientific terms are a snap. Now spell "tanstaafl". How about "kzinti"? Try your hand in our science fiction and fantasy spelling bee (or just come watch).
wed 17:00ACC ATGR166 AUTOGRAPHING: SCOTT ESSMANScott Essmanautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00ACC ATGR267 AUTOGRAPHING: RICK STERNBACHRick Sternbachautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00ACC ATGR368 AUTOGRAPHING: PAUL CORNELLPaul Cornellautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00ACC ATGR470 AUTOGRAPHING: TODD MCCAFFREYTodd McCaffreyautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00ACC ATGR571 AUTOGRAPHING: MICHAEL F. FLYNNMichael F. Flynnautog rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00ACC KAFF172 KAFFEKLATSCH: JAMES P. HOGANJames P. Hogankaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00ACC KAFF273 KAFFEKLATSCH: SCOTT EDELMANScott Edelmankaffe rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00HILTON LIDB75 READING: SARAH MONETTESarah Monettereadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00HILTON LIDC76 READING: FIONA AVERYFiona Averyreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:00HILTON SMCA77 READING: MIKE RESNICKMike Resnickreadings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 17:30ACC 201-B78 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS, AND PUBLIC DOMAINJohn R. Douglas(M), M. Christine Valada, Esq., Stephen Eley, Jane Jewellwritpub rev. Wed Aug 23 15:43:45 2006
The current legal opinions on who owns what and how, relating to books, art, films, television, and the internet.
wed 17:30ACC 201-C79 JAMES T. KIRK: THREAT OR MENACERichard Arnold(M), D.C. Fontana, Lance Sibley, Bridget Landry, Chris M. Barkleymedia rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Was a larger-than-life scenery-chewing damn-the-Prime-Directive-full-speed-ahead heroic starship commander the one primary thing responsible for the enduring success of classic Star Trek? Is the absence of such a character why the following Star Trek series all lacked the same punch? Or should there have been more discretion, more consideration before acting? Is Jean Luc Picard the model to follow?
wed 17:30ACC 201-D80 DO WE NEED A NEW DEFINITION OF LITERACY?Fred Lerner(M), Richard Foss, Melissa Conway, PhD, Justin Lloyd, Michael Wardgeneral rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
In the next ten years, what will the word "literacy" mean? Can you truly be literate in tomorrow's society if you can't use a computer? Are computer icons replacing the need to read? What's the future of libraries and bookstores.
wed 17:30ACC 202-AB81 THE DAY JOBSam Scheiner, Paul A. Abell, John Scalzi, Wil McCarthy, Steven Lopata(M)scitech rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Many SF writers and SF fans are scientists in real life. How do they combine the two? What is doing science for a living really like? Are we all really mad scientists who want to rule the world?
wed 17:30ACC 205-A82 IRON POET POETRY CHALLENGEVanessa Van Wagner, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Joe W. Haldemanlit rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
It's Iron Chef for sonneteers and other poets. Come to this Bouts-Rimés event and write a poem with the day's mystery ingredients, share your work, maybe even win prizes.
wed 17:30ACC 206-A83 CONVENTIONS: BUTCHERING THE SACRED COWSPierre E. Pettinger(M), Mark L. Olson, Kevin Standlee, James Bacon, John Pomeranzfandom rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Are Masquerades, Art Shows, Dealers Rooms, etc. really worth their cost in money and manpower? Or are they just so habitual that cons never think about getting rid of them? What would happen if a con did get rid of them? What would we replace them with?
wed 17:30ACC 207-A84 MANGA MANIATom Schaad, Buzz Dixon, Fred Patten(M)comics rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Manga is more than just Japanese comic books. How do they differ from what we have in the United States and in Europe? How is it that they cover so many more different topics and are read by so many different types of people?
wed 17:30ACC 207-C85 THEATER, FANTASY, AND SCIENCE FICTIONLaura Frankos, Keith G. Kato(M), William Shunn, Lise Eisenbergmedia rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
A discussion of fantasy and science fiction plays, today and through history.
wed 17:30ACC 207-D86 CHARACTER VS. PLOTEllen Kushner(M), Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen, Margaret Wander Bonanno, Connie Williswritpub rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Some readers (and writers) seem to be all about the characters. Others are only interested in the details of the plot. Can you write for both audiences? Should you?
wed 17:30ACC 209-A87 CLASSICS REMEMBERED: TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEAAlex Eisenstein, Mark von Schlegell, Karen Anderson, Evelyn C. Leeper(M), G. David Nordleylit rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Jules Verne's novel begat two motion pictures, a Classics Illustrated comic book, and the world's first atomic-powered submarine: not bad for inspiration. Who's the hero? Professor Aronax? Captain Nemo? Ned? Conseil? Why?
wed 17:30ACC 209-B88 THE BRAIN'S PROCESSEric M. Vanscitech rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
How does our brain work? Is it like a computer or do things get processed in entirely different ways? How do the connections work? Why does one thought lead to another, sometimes seemingly unrelated idea (unrelated in the eyes of someone not thinking our thoughts, that is)?
Author John G. Hemry gives an introduction to Quantum Physics, with help from The Three Stooges.
wed 17:30ACC 210-C90 THE WONDERS OF THE ACKERMANSIONForrest J Ackermanfandom rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Long time fan, writer, editor, agent, and collector Forrest J Ackerman gives a slide show of his fabled collection.
wed 17:30ACC 210-D91 FANTASY -- HOW CAN IT BE GOOD?ElizaBeth Gilligan, Alma Alexander, Vera Nazarianlit rev. Sat Aug 12 11:01:53 2006
To a lot of hard SF readers, fantasy stories are those where the authors don't have to be consistent -- it works because it's magic. But good fantasy is consistent, within each world's own rules. What are the rules and the restrictions for writing a "good" fantasy.
wed 17:30ACC 211-A92 ISN'T Y.A. A GOOD THING?Sherwood Smith(M), Hilari Bell, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Catherine S. McMullenwritpub rev. Sat Aug 12 11:34:34 2006
Young Adult writers report that it's hard to get respect from some of their peers, even though Y.A. is the doorway for many young adults into other SF and fantasy novels. Given the authors who've produced Y.A. (like Heinlein and Andre Norton) and the quality of much Y.A. produced, why doesn't it get more respect?
wed 17:30ACC 211-B93 SOMEDAY MY PRINTS WILL COMERobert B Hole, Jr.(M), Margaret Organ-Kean, Cteinart rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Following the long, sometimes tortuous trail from artist's original to print, be that limited edition, lithograph, serigraph, photo, or offset print. How are they made? What are the differences? Should the buyer really care?
wed 17:30HILTON CAPAB94 THEME CIRCLE: FOUND FILKSteve Savitzky, Mitchell Burnside-Clappfilking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Filksongs found in mundane places.
wed 17:30HILTON LIDA95 HYPOGLYCEMICS UNITED misc/sigs rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Hypoglycemics United To Foster Awareness is holding an auction of science fiction and other collectibles to help fund their efforts to educate persons about blood sugar imbalances of all types.
wed 17:30HILTON PLVD96 DEGLER'S WORLDCONMoshe Feder, Bridget Bradshaw, Milton F. Stevens, Mike Glyer(M)fandom rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Alternate History seems pretty popular. How about some Alternate Fan History, for better or worse?
wed 18:00HILTON SNSM97 FILM PROGRAM: BATMAN BEGINS nocat rev. Sat Aug 12 23:49:35 2006
wed 20:00HILTON LAGA99 IN CONCERT: KAREN ANDERSONKaren Andersonfilking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 20:00HILTON PACD98 BABEL CONFERENCE AMBASSADORIAL RECEPTIONJohn Trimble, Bjo Trimble, David Gerrold(M)events rev. Fri Aug 11 00:03:14 2006
Come join us and your host, David Gerrold, for a reception welcoming everyone to this year's Worldcon and our Star Trek 40th Anniversary Celebration. Star Trek costumes invited.
wed 20:00HILTON SMCA100 BROAD UNIVERSE: RAPID FIRE READINGS readings rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Members of Broad Universe, the organization dedicated to supporting women genre writers, give short (five to ten minute) readings of their works in rapid fire succession.
wed 20:30HILTON LAGA- IN CONCERT: LESLIE FISHLeslie Fishfilking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 20:30HILTON SNSM101 FILM PROGRAM: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: PEGASUS nocat rev. Sat Aug 12 23:49:35 2006
wed 21:00HILTON CAPAB102 THEME CIRCLE: THE SONGS OF JULIA ECKLARJoey Shojifilking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
wed 21:00HILTON CR14103 WSFS MARK PROTECTION COMMITTEE MEETINGKevin Standleefandom rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
The WSFS Mark Protection Committee manages the registered service marks on "Worldcon," "Hugo Award," etc. This is the first of two meetings held at Worldcon. Meetings of the MPC are open to all members.
wed 21:00HILTON LAGB104 THEME CIRCLE: BAWDY SONGSBlind Lemming Chiffon, Leslie Fishfilking rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
For adults only!
wed 21:30HILTON SNSM105 BUFFY SING ALONG nocat rev. Sat Aug 12 23:49:35 2006
wed 22:00HILTON SMCA106 MIDNIGHT TALES OF HORRORKevin Andrew Murphy, P C. Hodgell, Jay Lake(M)lit rev. Tue Aug 8 06:20:27 2006
Come listen to this panel tell tales 'guaranteed' to curdle your blood.
wed 22:45HILTON SNSM107 FILM PROGRAM: WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY nocat rev. Sat Aug 12 23:49:35 2006