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Chaos Space Pirates Programme


10:00 Science Microwable Fun

We have some fun with science things and attempt not to blow up the place with a Microwave.

11:00 Career Guidance - how to get into the trade?

Why Teens should start writing now, scams and rip offs to avoid, how to get into the business

12:00 Space Pirate Crash Test Dummies - Space Ship Build

The Pirate Pilot will either be a raw egg or one filled with jello, previously decorated.

13:00 How to achieve that well worn look and be a Zombie or a Space Cadet's worst fear a Firefly Reaver!

we show people how to zombify themselves or turn into a hideous Reaver (Warning: some fake blood may stain. Bring costume that you don't mind being ripped/torn/distressed and BLOODIED!!!!! We should have some spare tho)

14:00 Fanzines an introduction

An introduction to Fanzines. We have an open solicitation to provide content for some of the best fanzines currently in existence, including four Hugo Nominated fanzines. Editors in attendence.

15:00 Robot-Manga-Warrior-Pirate-Fighting

YOU are inside and in-control of the Mech using your available weapons to destroy your opponent. Only the most violent will win !!

16:00 Comic Recommendation Panel

We ask an eminent bunch to recommend comics for our teenage audience,

17:00 Zombie Pirates

Time to get messy and corpse like when the team transform you from a mild-mannered human into a flesh-craving, ship-stealing avatar of death . Zombie Pirates!!!

17:30 Live action Zombie Quidditch Hogwarts Vs. Pirates

You'll lose your head if the Quaffle hits it!

Please note this can be followed by a mass entry into the masquerade we need to liase with the masquerade at short notice on this one


10:00 How to defeat a Dalek

Ever had nightmares of running down long corridors away from Dr. Who's nemesis, praying to find some stairs?

11:00 Science Fiction is a Girls thing too!

Is Science Fiction only aimed at Boys? We ask a selection of prominent authors to offer us their opinions and suggestions, for Girls and Boys Too

12:00 Light Sabres Vs. Cutlasses

So! Darth Vader vs Jack Sparrow -- you think Darth will win???? We show you how to make light sabres and cutlasses,.

13:00 Nasty evil stories, readings by John Shirley

The Master of horror gives us tales to terrify

13:30 Fanzines revisited.

WE bring together the work that has been compiled and written by YOU, and prepare to dispatch it to various fanzines across the world.

14:30 Tim Powers Reading

And also what Books he would recommend.

15:00 "Why do future fashions always look so bad?"

We look at designing futuristic bad clothin Hugo Fan artists nominees We will have T-shirts on hand to practice on

16:00 Garth Nix Reading

16:30 Space Pirate Crash Test Dummies - Space Ship DESTRUCTION!!!!!

Yesterday you designed and started making your own spaceship, today we finish building them and then CRASH them!!! Yes, it's all about destruction now

17:00 Lego Pirate and Space Mech Game

We create a game using lego Pirate ships and Mechs who battle one another.

17:50 Collection of items

an opportunity to collect various items made or left over the past two days.

Chaos Space Pirates.

What we are about...

Well we are a bunch of foreigners who have some interesting ideas and plans and just want to have a good fun time, while catering for members of L.A.con IV who are in their teen years, youths, young adults or whatever.

We ran YAFA at last years Worldcon in Glasgow, and it went down well, so we are back to hopefully give you a dose of that

We like panels not to be lectures, but to be interactive, questions are good, but its pointless unless those at the top table know they have to listen, respect and respond.

The people who we will have on panels understand this, and more, they want to hear questions, they want people to interact and to ask for real answers, actual next steps, Places where you can further your interest, not just hear and wonder. They are up for inquisitiveness and curiosity and most importantly new and fresh opinions.

We also want you to do stuff and get involved, why talk about fanzines, when you could get published in a Hugo Nominated one, why talk about future fashion trends, when you can paint and design your own, why talk about Zombies when you could become one.

You may not like everything, that's fine you can pick and choose, we don't mind, you can poke your head in, or hang around all day, you might want to go off on a tangent, that's fine too.

We'll be in the corner of the hall, having a laugh and organizing some insanity, and if you drop by, you'll get a warm welcome.

A general policy on stuff.

Chaos Space Pirates is a programme for deranged adults, younger adults, teenagers, and kids, trouble makers whatever.

Obviously some of the activities, such as Robot-Manga-Warrior-Pirate-Fighting, the Pirate and Hogwarts unDead Quidditch and Fighting with Light Sabres and Cutlasses involve a level of brutal violence that we need to be mindful of, being responsible and all.

Any Children who enter, who are "in tow" must be continually accompanied by Parents, it must be borne in mind that there is a fantastic children's programme for this age group. Parents must be aware that disruptions will not be welcomed, just like any programme.

Kids with Children's Memberships or Full convention memberships have the same privileges and responsibilities as any other member of the convention. They must understand though that some items are rough and tumble, such as those mentioned above, and parents may be requested to oversee the madness.

CSP staff withhold the right to ask any member to leave the area, for any reason deemed necessary.

There is an active Bias towards younger people, any adults who do wish to listen or partake in talks or panels, should be mindful that younger people have the priority, that young people are not to be spoken over and that adults will have to sit down the back, if the panel is very full.

CSP staff can be immediately identified by distinctive ribbons.

Please ensure you tell your parents if you are with them and you are under 14 that you are coming to Chaos Space Pirates. Just so they know, where your last known whereabouts might have been.

Everyone else, you're on your own!

Be Prepared

So, if you've come this far, you'll know that we aren't a normal programme, and to help with your own enjoyment, we thought we should tell you some bits and bobs you could bring along or prepare for the hecticness that we have to offer.

Of course we will have ample equipment spare, but you might as well know.

If you like building, feel free to bring some K-nex or Lego, we will have something going on with Lego mechs and pirate ships, so if you have either, and want to have a personal entry, bring it along, and we will fit it out with catapults etc.

If you want to be a reporter, or fancy writing for some fanzines, bring a notepad, and a pen and an open mind. Some of the best SF fanzines on the go have jumped at publishing work by new people, from Chunga to Banana Wings, from Zoo Nation to Challenger, they all want a piece of YOUR action. We will have digital cameras and laptops, but if you have your own camera, all the better.

If you want to dress up, we have a school boy/girl theme or Pirates or Reevers from Firefly. An interesting mix in all. The school uniform will be white shirts, blue ties, and a blazer of some sort with grey trousers, all very foreign indeed but all will be zombified!! Pirates should be futuristic; Reevers just damn nasty.

We have the make up, latex and prosthetics.

Obviously as well as doing make up and running around in costume like this, there will be an opportunity to take part in the masquerade with a group from Chaos Space Pirates, we will not be a normal entry, but it will give you a chane to be part of a group, and strut your stuff.

We will have kneepads, but if you have some, or elbow pads, bring em along.

Finally if you have a plain black T-shirt that you don't want, well we will alter it, with you, to reflect the future.

At times stuff will be messy, so please bear this in mind, don't be wearing your bestest clothes, or at least have something old to change into.

We also have a number of active panels, so keep that in mind as well, runners are good, formal shoes not so good.

That's about it, we have tons of stuff anyhow, but the best way to get the most out of this programme is to have a look through and think about it.


James, Stef, Elvis, Simoné, Lara and Max.

Who we are:

WE are veterans of a horrible nightmare known as YAFA. It was a mad and strange youth programme that we ran in Glasgow, Scotland. IT all went well, mostly.

So we hope to do something entertaining and fun.

James, Stef, Vince, Elvis

James, Stef and Elvis are special.

They are a bit mad, love blood and mud, and generally have a very odd sense of wonder and fun. After running YAFA, when the opportunity came to run a programme at L.A.con IV, they jumped at the idea of bringing a good attitude and a new outlook along.



You may know max from LiveJournal's AnonymousClaire, usenet's rec.arts.sf.fandom, UK fanzines or one of a variety of post-1999 conventions. Web developer by trade, hard worker by nature, and worryingly bad at saying "no" to James'n'Stef'n'Elvis. Max currently works for the BBC.



Simoné is a Mechanical engineering student, and loves all types of technology and gadgets. She will be looking after our science aspect. Simone is a keen sports woman, who enjoys Netball.



Not much is known about Lala, she's a bit shiny and new to this convention lark; although she has been known to organise between 200 and 300 people for the odd weekend.

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