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Join the Space Cadet Academy!

Space Cadets: Guardians of the High Frontier

Experience High Adventure in the wildest reaches of outer space!

Train at Space Academy in the fields of science, astrogation, communications, combat and more!

Use your training on daring missions requiring skill, teamwork, quick wits, and luck!

Only the best and brightest will graduate with honors at the top of the class and join the Space Corps...

...will that include you?

Space Cadets: Guardians of the High Frontier will run Thursday through Sunday at L.A.con IV [exact hours TBA]. Attendees are welcome to join at any time! Classes and missions will change throughout the convention, so check back often for new duty assignments!

Play with friends, or make new ones!

No role playing or space cadet experience necessary!

FREE to all registered members of Worldcon!

Rev. 02-May-2006