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Hugo Awards -- Hugo nominating info and ballot.

Nominating For The Hugo Awards, Best Interactive Video Game, Online Hugo Nomination Form added.

Howard DeVore -- Adding picture of Howard DeVore.

Connie Willis -- Added picture of Connie Willis.

Members Home Pages -- Adding Bell, Hilari[www].

Committee -- Committee appointments in every Division.

WSFS Business -- WSFS Constitution, needed for Hugo Nominating Ballots.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Progress Reports -- Added Progress Report 3 PDF file.


Press Release #4 - L.A.con IV announces rate increase. -- Typo corrected

Home - Fine-tuned typeface sizes.


Home. Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Site Selection -- Fixed wording to reflect "No-zone" rule.

Members Home Pages -- Added link to King, Lawrence [offsite link]

Committee -- Fixed typo in Fanzine Lounge and Program Ops.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Committee -- Updated departments in Chairman's, Exhibits, Program and Administration Divisions.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.

Home updated.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Basic Information -- Fix some details about voting

Members Home Pages -- Add member home page for Edward M. Lerner

Committee -- Fix Heide Nichols' name

Mailing Lists -- Change second Announcements title to Press Releases title


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Special Exhibits -- Added link to toyraygun.com and the-robotman.com.


Art Show -- New page with basic art show write-up. (chaz)

Exhibits/Concourse -- New main category page for Concourse.

Special Exhibits -- New page for exhibits. (chaz)

Committee -- New appointments or other changes in Daily Newszine, Convention Photography, Program Ops, Films, Hugo Ceremony, and Docent Tours. Adding link to staff mailing list. (chaz)


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


Geographic Breakdown, Membership List updated.


Masquerade Rules -- Changed noreascon link to an external link -lv


How to Use this Web Site -- Updated to reflect current design. Also fixed problem with a Help page redirect link.


Blood Drive -- Blood drive info, including the challenge and the prizes.


Send E-mail to L.A.con IV updated.


E-mail Directory -- Added note about adding (send e-mail) to the addresses.


Site Selection -- Site selection page added, included extra verbiage we had on file.

Hugo Base Designs Sought -- Added external link to Hugo base design website

Student Science Fiction and Fantasy Contest -- New page for contest.

Geographic Breakdown, Membership List updated.


Asian Film Theater added.

E-mail Directory -- moved artshow and dealers links to exhibits division.

Site credits -- Added Leane Verhulst's info.


Site credits updated.


Volunteers, Masquerade Rules added.

Geographic Breakdown, Membership List updated.

Send E-mail to L.A.con IV updated.


Send E-mail to L.A.con IV - Added checkbox to link to our program idea suggestion form. Added another checkbox to bring up some of the other e-mail addresses.


Plays and Performances - added link to Fellowship! The Musical [offsite link]

Program - Minor change, tweaked the link list to use the "minor" class style.

Site credits - Rewrote text. Fixed some dead links.

Program updated.


Home page CSS style sheet is now used on the entire website.

Handicapped Services, Masquerade Entry Form added.


Committee - added Leane Verhulst to Webmaster department.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.

Masquerade updated.

E-mail Directory - added coa(send e-mail) link.

Committee -- minor changes for Kim Marks Brown, Rick Katze, and Beverly Widder.

Museums, Botanical Gardens and Historical Landmarks - corrected five or six dead links.


E-mail Directory - added memberservices link.

Getting to Anaheim - starting to work with CSS syle sheets. updated.


Committee updated.

Members Home Pages - Added or corrected links for Adrian Beford, Cat Devereaux, Barney Evans, Kate Evans, David Johnson, Lee Martindale, Julie Zetterberg.

Addresses - added P.O. box for Hugo Administration.

Car Rental Agencies - changed URL for Advantae Car Rental (fka Advantage Rent-A-Car).


Home - working on styles. Major category navigation links on left now have two sizes; and links turn red when the mouse is over them.

Flyers and other freebies, Weapons Policy, Gaming, Blog added.

Dealers - put in colored background for subcategory link table.

Furry Fandom Lounge - fixed a typo.

Major Events - added link for Hugos to Saturday entry.

Frequently Asked Questions - Added Search, Missing Members.

Plays and Performances - Edited "Fellowship" blurb, it's definitely been arranged. Updated e-mail links.

Program - Alphabetized entries, set them aside in a shaded box. Made programmming copy display narrower than the page margins, but wider than the link box above it.

Space Academy Table Setting Contest - Added e-mail link.

Missing Members - revised list of "lost souls."

Send E-mail to L.A.con IV - added three more common questions. "You should invite... I'm a science fiction professional..." and "Who will be..."

Committee - added e-mail links for memberservices, souvenirbook, tablesetting; added "Fan Sponsorships" position.


Search added. (Uses Google search.)

Service Mark Notice updated - new icon, changed to

Filk Music updated. Changed the wording slightly.

Getting to Anaheim updated. Added "Anaheim, O.C.-L.A." icon, and colored the background behind the links to the sub-pages.

Geographic Breakdown updated. Added flag for Poland. Poland


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.


L.A.con IV Changed top-right HOME PAGE link to use a graphic with the words "HOME PAGE" built into it. (To see what it used to look like, scroll down to the 21-Sep-2005 entry.)

Home, Service Mark Notice - removed "registered" from boiler plate verbiage.

Send E-mail to L.A.con IV (aka "Contact Us") - reformatted to make it a little easier to read. Rewrote some of the canned answers.

Site Map updated - removed some of the indentation to streamline the page's appearance.

Geographic Breakdown. Membership List. Missing Members updated.


Hugo Awards updated. Added e-mail link for hugos(send e-mail).

Staff and Committee Roster, E-mail Directory updated.

Costume Programming added.

Program updated to include Costume Programming.

Getting to Anaheim, Transport by Bicycle updated to correct a dead URL.

Home updated: added link to our LiveJournal [offsite link]. ([offsite link] indicates an off-site link, one that's not hosted on www.laconiv.org.)


Plays and Performances. updated. New e-mail contact: plays

Furry Fandom Lounge added.

Getting to Anaheim, Transport by Air, RV/Campground Information, Transport by Train updated.


Home. Geographic Breakdown. Membership List updated.

Site Map updated. Changed old icon(Site Map) to new icon:(Site Map)

Filk Music added.

Registration Form, Euros, Registration Form, UK Pounds updated. We put the appropriate currency symbols on their icons: and

Fan-tiques Roadshow updated. New icon:

Program (was "Programming") updated. New icon:

Publications, Progress Reports, Advertising updated. Changed icon color from yellow to blue: Publications Progress Reports Advertising

Masquerade updated. Changed icon transparency: old icon was Masquerade new icon is Masquerade


Hugo Awards, Hugo Base Designs Sought added. Hugo Awards is a new major category.

Geographic Breakdown. Membership List, Members Home Pages updated.

Staff and Committee Roster updated.

HomeHome updated: added headlines for Plays and Performances, Fan-tiques Roadshow, Space Academy Table Setting Contest, Hugo Base Designs Sought, Masquerade, Films and Video, Anime, and Regency Dance. (We won't usually log these kinds of updates in the "What's New" page in the future.) Also added the days-until "home" graphic.


Geographic Breakdown. Membership List, updated.

Masquerade updated. Added email link for masquerade(send e-mail).

Programming updated.

Anime added.


Aerial View, Transport by Air, Transport by Bicycle, Cross-Country Bus, RV/Campground Information, Transport by Car, Local Bus Service, Maps of Anaheim, Museums, Botanical Gardens and Historical Landmarks, Car Rental Agencies, Transport by Sea, Shuttles, Taxis, Transport by Train, Weather, Zoos and Aquaria updated. They've all been classified as part of the Getting to Anaheim major category.

Films and Video added.

Members Home Pages updated.


Fan-tiques Roadshow, Plays and Performances, Regency Dance, Space Academy Table Setting Contest added.

Programming and Programming Suggestion Form updated.


Sales to members, Missing Members, Registration Form, Australian Dollars, Change of Address form added.

Frequently Asked Questions updated. Added link to Sales to members.

Home (formerly known as Top) updated. Worked on major category system.

Memberships (formerly Registration) updated. New rates, and it's now a major category listed on the home page.

Committee (formerly known as Staff) updated. Made into a major category on the front page.

Site Map (formerly known as Table of Contents) updated. Soon will be rearranged to show items grouped by Major Category.

Conversion, Registration Form, Registration Form, Canadian Dollars, Registration Form, Euros, Registration Form, UK Pounds, Installment Plan, E-mail Directory, Send E-mail to L.A.con IV, Addresses, updated.


Geographic Breakdown updated.


About laconiv.org, Major Events added - new major categories for the top tier. We now have a two-tier navigation system. There are several major categories in the left-hand navigation box on the home page, and you can get to every (sub-)page by clicking on a major category and then picking from the list. You can still get to every single page from the Site Map, which will shortly be reorganized to present links in order by major category.


Staff and Committee Roster updated.


Members Home Pages updated.


Site Map updated.


Top, Registration updated.


Members Home Pages updated.


Staff and Committee Roster updated.


Staff and Committee Roster updated.


Top updated.


Staff and Committee Roster updated.


Splash Page Art updated.


Top updated.


Top updated.


Press Releases, Press Release #3 - Join L.A.con IV on the installment plan., Site Map updated.


Staff and Committee Roster updated.


Staff and Committee Roster updated.


Progress Reports updated.


Contact Us - link at the bottom of each page changed to be a bit more helpful for all of us. We now have a gizmo that makes sure that common questions go to the right place, without interfering with your ability to write to anyone in the convention committee.


Top, Splash Page Art updated.

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