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Some Actual questions received

  1. "I was unable to get a list of the badges explaining what each was and the order in which they go onto the baldric sash. Could you please either e-mail me at my home address below, or send me a hard copy through the mail?"

    The URL for the patch order is http://www.laconiv.org/2006/la2006/party.htm. As you can see, some were premiered at more than one convention, but that is the correct order they were issued in. Our choices, which were sometimes influenced by the convention or the GoH of that con (and our fannish sense of humor), decided what patch was issued at which convention, so the layout is not as color balanced as it could be. Sorry. If you're trying to identify all of them at once, you might find our chart of skill badge photos organized by color helpful. If you have yet to start sewing them on, try and sew them three across. That way they all fit on the front.

    [Webmaster's note: You won't be counted off any points if you put them in a different order to make them look better... When you've finished, please let me know -- perhaps we can get a picture of you with your completed sash, please? -chaz]

  2. "I have some of the skill badges and was wondering if it is possible to get others now that the bid has been won. I would like to make a Space Cadet costume for Worldcon 2006."

    Sales to members has a link to our online store where you can buy some of the leftover patches.

    [Webmaster's note: When you've made your costume, and if it's not a surprise for the L.A.con IV Masquerade, perhaps I could get a photo of you in your costume to post here, please? -chaz]

  3. "I voted at Torcon III on the Worldcon site selection but will not be able to attend L.A.con IV in 2006. How may I transfer my supporting membership to another fan, if that is possible?"

    Once you've made your arrangements with the other fan, write a letter that says "I, (name), transfer my membership to (name)" and shows your address and theirs, and sign and date it. Send one copy to us, and give the original to the other fan. They should hang onto it until they receive confimation that the transfer has been processed.

Rev. 28-Sep-2005