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The "L.A. in 2006" bid pages are archived here for posterity. These pages are no longer being updated.

Space Cadets - Skill Badges by Color

During the "L.A. in 2006" bid campaign, we offered skill badge patches to all Space Cadets. These are photographs of the L.A. in 2006 Space Cadet Skill Badges. For more information about which patch was issued when, please see the World Tour Convention Calendar on the bid web site.


robotics 1. robotics
genetic engineering 7. genetic engineering


rocket repair 8. rocket repair
asteroid mining 10. asteroid mining
interspecies sex 5. interspecies sex
rocket recovery 27. rocket recovery
spacewalk 32. spacewalk
bureaucracy 18. bureaucracy
intergalactic justice 22. intergalactic justice
rocket science 35. rocket science
galactic law enforcement 36. galactic law enforcement
planetary assistance 13. planetary assistance
first contact 12. first contact
atmospheric testing 29. atmospheric testing
latrine duty 21. latrine duty
rocketship piloting 2. space ship piloting


cold fusion 17. cold fusion
string theory 20. string theory
seti 34. seti


creative math 4. creative math
cooking 16. cooking
cloning 28. cloning
weaponry 33. weaponry


deep space navigation 3. deep space navigation


teamwork 25. teamwork


diplomacy 11. diplomacy
teleportation 9. teleportation recycling 26. recycling


first aid 15. first aid
world security 23. world security


linguistics 14. linguistics
xenohorticulture 19. xenohorticulture


time travel 6. time travel
telepathy 24. telepathy
away team 31. away team
quantum mechanics 30. quantum mechanics

* If you've printed this out, please make sure that nothing's missing. Some browsers don't handle multiple-page tables very well. Color groups shown above: Black, Blue, White, Red, Brown, Tan, Grey, Yellow, Purple, Green.

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