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Frankie Thomas: Space Cadet No more. We regret to announce the death of Frankie Thomas, our Special Guest, on 11-May-2006.

b. 09-Apr-1921 - d. 11-May-2006

(from Progress Report 0)

Our Commandant of the Academy: Frankie Thomas, TV's original Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

Frankie Thomas has had an active career in television and motion pictures. His credits include A Dog of Flanders, starring as Tim Tyler in Tim Tyler's Luck, Boy's Town, the recurring role of Ted Nickerson in the Nancy Drew movies, and many other credits. But he's best remembered by science fiction fans and people who were kids in the 1950s as the title star of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

(Little is known about the career of Tom Corbett after he left the Academy but we're pretty sure it was quite stellar and, no doubt, filled with great adventures. After retiring from active duty as, we've no doubt, an Admiral of the Fleet, it seems only natural that he would come back to the Academy to oversee the training of new cadets as Commandant of the Academy. And so, as our Special Guest, we've awarded Frankie Thomas that same title.)

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Space Cadet Pledge

I solemnly swear
To safeguard the freedom of space,
Protect the liberty of the planets,
And defend the cause of peace
Throughout the universe!

Space Academy Marching Song

Real Audio format

From the rocket fields of the academy
To the far-flung stars of outer space,
We are Space Cadets training to be
Ready for dangers we may face.

Up in the sky, whistling past,
Higher than high, faster than fast,
Out into space, into the sun
Look at her go when we give her the gun

We are the Space Cadets and we are proud to say
Our fight for right will never cease.
Like a cosmic ray, we light the way
To interplanet peace!

Rev. 25-May-2006