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Cadets' Guide to the Academy
Special Summer Session 2006 Edition
Planet Earth: Anaheim, CA, USA

Attention, Space Cadets!

We're delighted you will be attending the Space Academy's special session being offered this summer in Anaheim, CA. Your thorough review of this Cadets' Guide will help you settle in and know your way around from the moment you arrive on the Academy grounds in August.

The Academy is located in the Anaheim Convention Center. All cadets must pass through ADMISSIONS (Registration) in the Convention Center lobby upon arrival.

After admission to the Space Academy is complete, cadets are encouraged to head to CADET CENTRAL (Hall A), where they will find the:

Most Classrooms (Main programming rooms) are on the second floor of the Academy. Individualized class schedules are the responsibility of every cadet. The Academy offers its cadets nearly 1,000 sessions to choose from. There will be plenty to delight, amaze, and challenge cadets as they build their core competencies and study specialized fields. With graduation only a few days away, most cadets will find themselves spending long hours in the Classrooms, soaking up the considerable wisdom and insight presented by hundreds of renowned Faculty members.

Before each session, presenters and panelists are welcome to stop by the Faculty Lounge (Green Room) as needed to pick up class materials and discuss specifics of the session.

Cadets can relax between and after classes at the Spaceport Lounge and Under Belly Bar (Arena Lobby), located between Cadet Central (Hall A) and The Rocket Field (Arena) on the first floor of the Academy.

The Rocket Field (Arena) is the site for major Academy events such as the Masquerade on Friday night, and the Hugo Awards Ceremony on Saturday night.

Cadets have two housing options adjacent to the Academy: H Dorm (Hilton) and M Dorm (Marriott). Staying on campus puts cadets a moment's walk from the Academy halls. (We're checking city and county ordinances regarding the use of personal jet-packs; at the time this Guide was prepared, it appears that only grounded, wheeled assistance devices are allowed on the Academy grounds.)

Both dorms offer private sleeping areas. In addition, H Dorm will be home to some Classrooms as well as several focused interest areas, such as filk music and gaming.

Staying in the dorms also maximizes cadets' enjoyment of hospitality events hosted each night by their fellow cadets on H Dorm's lanai deck. Each dorm room includes a private bathroom, daily housekeeping service, and many other amenities to enhance the comfort of your stay.

Cadets staying off campus and commuting to the Academy are of course also welcome to enjoy the classes, hospitality events, and other focused interest areas in H Dorm.

We look forward to your arrival on the Academy grounds in August!

Rev. 13-Jun-2006